Amazing Health benefits of Ginger


Since ancient periods, the Indians, Arabians, and Asians have recognized the health benefits of ginger and its various healing abilities. It is known as medicine and food. Ginger is a tropical plant and belongs to the same family of cardamom and turmeric. Boiled ginger water is very effective in treating nausea and vomiting caused due to illness, Altitude sickness, and seasickness.

Although the benefits of green tea as somewhat similar to that of ginger, this edible root has it’s own unique health benefits. There is a lot of researches carried out on the medicinal values of ginger. 

So, a common question that might arise is, “What are the benefits of Ginger?

Ginger helps to cure stomach pain caused due to bloating, reduces inflammation, helps in reducing stomach gas, treats common cold, prevents stomach ulcers, treats sore muscles, lowers blood sugar level, lowers cholesterol, and the list goes on and on.

Ginger root is spicy in flavor and has unique medicinal properties. It is known as Superfood, and there are a lot of studies which prove it right. Let us have a look at the different health benefits ginger has to offer.

Health Benefits of Ginger

Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is commonly used to treat stomach and digestive related problems. Drinking ginger tea every morning prevents indigestion, heartburn, and strengthens the digestive system. A glass of water mixed with ginger and a tablespoon of honey can cure morning sickness in pregnancy.

Benefits of Ginger Water

Ginger water can be consumed almost every day. Drinking ginger water helps you in keeping your body hydrated all the time. Drinking boiled ginger water aids in proper digestion and reduces indigestion.

Ginger Benefits for Skin

Ginger is very rich in antioxidants; thus, it prevents free radical damage to the skins and acts as an anti-aging agent. It has toning properties which will reduce the scars and marks on your skin. 


Promotes Hair Growth

Ginger combats hair loss and nourishes the strands. The minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids present in ginger help in reducing hair loss and keeps dandruff away. The antiseptic properties present in ginger prevents dandruff and strengthens hair. A simple recipe is to use a mixture of ginger and jojoba oil to massage your head. After 30 mins, rinse and wash with shampoo to have radiant and healthy hair.

It is anti-inflammatory

Ginger contains antioxidant-like compounds called phytonutrients that reduce cell damage. The ginger root prevents inflammation from starting by reducing cell-signaling activity. Adding ginger to food is already good-for-you. The medicinal value of ginger makes it nutrient-dense meals and is the key to unlocking those properties.


Ginger Promotes Weight Loss

Moringa leaf aids weight loss. Similarly, certain studies predict that combining ginger with certain other plant extracts promotes weight loss. Although the tests conducted on animals have given put positive results, the use of ginger in reducing weight loss has been promising. But again, a lot of other factors such as diet also come into the picture when it comes to weight loss as ginger alone will not reduce the entire body weight.

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Ginger for Sore Muscles

Ginger treats sore muscles. Eating ginger after a workout treats the muscles and help them repair sooner, suggests a study published in Phytotherapy Research. People who consumed placebos were less strong compared to those who consumed about two teaspoons of ginger daily for five days before an intense session of resistance exercise.

Helps Control Blood Sugar Level

According to research conducted by the scientist, ginger is one of the eight products that reduce nausea and vomiting sensations. Ginger could help with post-baby arrivals, too. Women who opted for a ginger supplement post-C-section showed a better recovery rate than those who popped a placebo, a recent study conducted on Scientific Reports said.

Ginger for Cold

From the very beginning, ginger is known to treat cold. Combine ginger, cinnamon, and lemongrass in a glass and steep it for around 10-15 mins in hot water. Add a tablespoon of honey if preferred. This combination is beneficial in treating a cold.



Side Effects of Ginger

Often, too much of anything good might lead to specific problems, irrespective of whether it’s a naturally available resource.

Apart from being a very favorable ingredient, ginger is also a prevalent Ayurvedic herb that helps treat many common ailments. From flavoring dishes to flushing out toxins, it is famous for its magical benefits. But, ginger also has specific side effects.

Here are a few disadvantages of ginger you should be aware of:

Ginger can cause Diarrhea

Ginger, when taken in large amounts, may lead to Diarrhea. The theory behind this is, ginger accelerates the digestion process, which in turn increases the passage of stool, which leads to uneasiness or, in this case, Diarrhea.

May Cause Bleeding

Excessive intake of ginger along with garlic or clove, may lead to increased bleeding because ginger has anti-platelet properties, which might thin your blood, resulting in increased bleeding.

Heartburn or Stomach Upset

Ginger, when consumed excessively over an empty stomach, may increase the risk of heartburns and may upset your stomach, similar to the feeling when you consume excessive spicy foods. This irritation is often mistaken to be a ginger allergy. 

One can figure out if it’s a ginger allergy if there is a discomfort or rash in mouth after consuming ginger. Ginger also helps in lowering the blood pressure; this may cause uneasiness as one might experience lightheadedness due to a decrease in sugar levels.

It is always recommended to avoid using ginger along with other supplements, which may decrease the blood sugar levels. 

Here are a few Pros and Cons of Ginger:


  1. Ginger strengthens the digestive system.
  2. Ginger benefits hair by making reducing dandruff and increase hair strength.
  3. A cup of ginger tea or by drinking boiled ginger water, one can avoid motion sickness.
  4. Significant benefits of ginger water are that it helps cure sore throat, cold, and flu.


  1. May increase the risk of heartburns and diarrhea. 
  2. It acts as a blood thinner.
  3. May cause tiredness as it controls the blood sugar level.