Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves (Drumstick Tree)

health benefits of moringa leaves

Also known as the Drumstick tree in everyday slang, Moringa oleifera is a majorly grown in native Asian countries of India, Pakistan, and Nepal. There are a lot of health benefits of Moringa as it is rich in bioactive plant compounds and has abundant healthy antioxidants. This antioxidant property makes it a natural medicine for many diseases, including certain cancers. 

A typical question that might arise is, “what moringa can cure?” 

The answer to this would be “A lot of things.” 

The vital factor to note here is that all the parts of the Moringa tree are useful, and hence it is also referred to as the “Miracle Tree.” The leaves of the drumstick tree are sometimes directly applied to the skin to treat wounds, dandruff, athlete’s foot, and warts. Here a list of things which help us convince that the drumstick tree is a miracle tree.


What are the various health benefits of Moringa Leaves?

Moringa for Skin

There are a lot of health benefits of Moringa for the skin as it has a lot of anti-bacterial properties. With rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties, it is highly recommended for protecting and improving skin. Moringa powder benefits for skin also include anti-aging properties i.e., it prevents wrinkles on the skin, and the free radicals reduce skin damage. 

Moringa for Weight Loss

A recent study shows that moringa leaves help in weight reduction. The drumstick leaves are very high in nutritional values and produce calcium, vitamins A & C, and proteins abundantly, which in turn energizes the body and stops food cravings. Moringa is to consume in the form of powder, or you can stick to drumstick leaves soup.

However, the research on the role of Moringa for weight loss is still in test mode, and there has been no report of human results for weight loss. Although a lot of people prefer drumstick leaves recipe to help them lower cholesterol, blood pressure and improve their energy levels, the results of weight loss are yet to be known. 

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Moringa Aids Digestion and Protects the Liver

Moringa is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a natural cure for digestive disorders. A study performed in 2014, says that Moringa might have a beneficial effect on colitis.

The complex B vitamins, which are found largely in drumstick leaves, improves digestion by regulating metabolism and appetite. It is also rich in Vitamin A, C, and D, which aids in keeping the mouth healthy, after all, digestion begins from the mouth. 

Our liver is responsible for filtering out all the waste in the body, the toxins, and fat metabolism. The rich content of polyphenols present in Moringa protects the liver from toxicity and stress. 

Moringa Regulates Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

The consumption of drumstick leaves soup, or the use of moringa helps in maintaining the balance in sugar levels both in diabetic and non-diabetic animals. Another health benefit of moringa leaf is that the antioxidants help in protecting the insulin-producing cells in the body.

Natural Antibiotic

Another health benefit of Moringa is that it is a natural antibiotic content present in the Moringa seeds is useful to treat and control infections. A study performed on the antibiotic properties of the drumstick seeds showed that it helps present a cure for pimples, anthrax, and infections in the blood.

Moringa has Antacid Properties.

The acetone extract and methanol extract from the drumstick tree leaf helps in reducing the acidy uneasiness caused in the stomach without suppressing the stomach acid(HCL) level, which requires for proper digestion.

Moringa Promotes Healthy Bones

Another essential health benefits of Moringa leaf is that it keeps the bones strong and healthy, along with promoting muscle growth naturally. Calcium and phosphorous makes moringa healthy for bones.

Moringa for Healthy Eyes

The rich antioxidants present in the drumstick leaf extract helps in improving eyesight. It inhibits retinal dysfunction and may reduce or stop retinal vessel dilation.

Moringa Benefits for Hair

The moringa powder stimulates hair growth and increases the thickness. The moringa benefits for hair also include re-growth of hair. Hence it can either be used as a powder or in the form of an oil. The other moringa powder benefits for skin include healthy and glowing skin, avoiding the sun damage, hydrating the skin, and preventing wrinkles.  

what moringa can cure

How to Make Moringa Powder?

 The drumstick leaves recipe to prepare a powder is quite simple, and it can be easily prepared at home. All you need is fresh leaves, and it’s a simple DIY process. 

Once you have the leaves, the first question that will arise is “how to use moringa leaves?” Well, the answer to this is quite simple. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:


  1. Wash the leaves thoroughly (Use fresh leaves only)
  2. Spread the washed leaves on clean cotton cloth in a room with proper ventilation.
  3. Allow the leaves to dry
  4. Do not dry the leaves under direct sunlight as it may lose some of its nutrients.
  5. Cover the leaves with a fragile piece of cloth or a mesh to avoid insects.
  6. Let it dry for three days.
  7. Use a blender to make a fine powder of the leaves.

And your moringa powder is ready. There are a lot of drumstick leaves recipe which helps in immunity-boosting, for skincare and hair loss. Moringa aids weight loss as well.

moringa powder benefits for skin

Moringa Powder Side Effects

Although the benefit of moringa leaves holds a larger share, we cannot neglect the side effects it can have. Although very few side effects have reported, here are a few moringa powder side effects

  1. Pregnant women are recommended not to use any of the drumstick leaves recipes as it may cause infertility.
  2. Experts do not recommend Moringa for diabetics. The reason being both reduce the blood sugar level. Hence it is important to consult the doctor before using any drumstick products.


Above all, it is always the best advice to consult a doctor before going through to medications, most importantly if you are pregnant. Remember, not all-natural products are healthy. It depends on a lot of factors such as age, health, gender, and a lot of other factors. Hence it is best practice to follow the dosage given on the moringa powder product or consult a doctor before using one.